Pain In Spleen


Pain In Spleen


  • An abdominal organ involved in the production and removal of blood cells in most vertebrates and forming part of the immune system
  • irascibility: a feeling of resentful anger
  • Bad temper; spite
  • The spleen (from Greek “σπλήν” – splen) is an organ found in virtually all vertebrate animals with important roles in regard to red blood cells and the immune system., Internet Encyclopedia of Science In humans, it is located in the left upper quadrant of the abdomen.
  • a large dark-red oval organ on the left side of the body between the stomach and the diaphragm; produces cells involved in immune responses


  • a symptom of some physical hurt or disorder; “the patient developed severe pain and distension”
  • cause emotional anguish or make miserable; “It pains me to see my children not being taught well in school”
  • A feeling of marked discomfort in a particular part of the body
  • Mental suffering or distress
  • trouble: cause bodily suffering to and make sick or indisposed
  • Physical suffering or discomfort caused by illness or injury

pain in spleen

pain in spleen – Ya-Hom Powder

Ya-Hom Powder Five Pagodas Brand
Ya-Hom Powder Five Pagodas Brand
Supports the health of the stomach. For gastrointestinal upset including acute nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps and diarrhea. For Summerheat invasion, and “Sudden Turmoil disorder”. This helps quickly to restore the stomach. Sometimes also used for spleen deficient diarrhea cases. Used also to restore mental alertness if experiencing fatigue. Ingredients: Agastache Herba(Huo Xiang), Lysimachia Herba (Ling xiang cao), Citrus Peel (Chen Pi), Cinnamon Bark (Rou gui), Chinese mint (mentha arvensis)(bo he), Sichuan lovage rhizome (Chuanxiong), Licorice root (gan cao), Clove flower bud (ding xiang), Agarwood wood (Aquillaria Agallocha)(chen xiang), Southern tsangshu Rhizome (cang zhu), Angelica anomalla Rhizome (bai zhi). Other Ingredients: Menthol. *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

"RUQ pain, USG normal, check pancreas, spleen, GB, etc."

"RUQ pain, USG normal, check pancreas, spleen, GB, etc."
The CT shows a poorly-defined, heterogeneous and slightly hypodense thickening in the right lateral upper abdominal wall, centred in the internal oblique muscle layer, representing a complex collection of either blood (muscle tear, blunt trauma) or pus (much less likely; the patient was not clinically unwell).

Personal rant: perhaps this is the way modern medicine is heading, but it just seems wrong that a muscle tear in the abdominal wall should be diagnosed only after a biliary ultrasound, an abdominal CT "checking the pancreas spleen GB etc", at least 3-4 clinical consultations, and goodness only knows how many liver function, lipase, full blood and electrolyte blood tests… does anyone really think that a haematoma requiring no active treatment diagnosed at a cost of at least A$1,000 is a good way to spend public money? Or that it reflects well on clinical medical training and judgement?

AUS QLD Gladstone CQMI Instructive Cases 080808.015-001

Day 13

Day 13
So Firday the 13th how are you my friend???

Today was a crazy day, just so many things I can’t even begin to list them all, but the main one was the intense pain I had in my stomach, it felt like my spleen was going to explode or something. It was just pretty painful, so I spent my afternoon/night on my side watching Hubby play Deus Ex and watching some shows.

Upside it went away round about midnight so free and clear!!!

I swear I’m falling apart!!!

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pain in spleen

Sweet Garden - Yam Coicis Lotus Powder - Instant Breakfast Meal Mix (8 Packets) - 9.03 Oz
Sweet Garden Meal Powder Series are created based on a series of traditional Chinese medicine formula for a special health benefit. Since the English translation is poor like most of other new comers, we will try our best to correct its translation and let you know the correct English name of ingredients and their medical health benefits. ========== The main ingredient in “36 Black Grain Powder ” is 1. Huai Shan is used for anti aging, 2. Semen choices is used for strength of lung, Kidney and Spleen. Reduce arthritis pain in joints and muscular rigidity 3. Lotus Seed is used for strength of heart, kidney, spleen. Please Note: This can not be used as Infant Formula!


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